Prove that you exist

Prove that you exist or the art of manipulation. This is a lecture on the art of manipulation... by two Manipulators, a man and woman! Its theatre and magic, with a considerable amount of offbeat humour!

About : Prove that you exist

Sigmund and Sublime are lecturers and London University graduates, specialising in manipulation, having chosen options in clairvoyance and mentalism. Their objective is simple and modest, namely to save
the world in order to stop feeling they are the victims of a tasteless joke... because there's an emergency. The world is all wrong and manipulation is everywhere! And they can't stand it!
By using incredible demonstrations of magic and manipulation, they explain
how to recognize manipulators and how to resist them. They're professionals and they have a Cartesian mindset, BUT they're overwhelmed by their emotions, swallowed up by paranoia, enthused by enthusiasm - all in a huge, joyous frenzy where knives fly and heads fall!

Minimum age: 10 years

En bref


From 10 years old


Tuesday 15 February 2022 between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm.


Free of charge

Free of charge.