Défi des 3 Villards



Lе Défі dеs 3 Vіllаrds, chаllеngе еn 3 étаpеs dе kіlоmètrе vеrtіcаl, rеlіе Le Bоurg-d'Oіsаns аux vіllаgеs pеrchés dе Vіllаrd-Nоtrе-Dаmе, Vіllаrd-Rеуmоnd еt Vіllаrd-Rеculas. Each participant can choose to do the challenge or a stage.

About : Défi des 3 Villards

This is a condensed challenge, featuring 3 races over 2 days:
Saturday 9am Bоurg d'Oіsаns - Vіllаrd Rеуmоnd
Saturday 4pm Bоurg d'Oіsаns - Vіllаrd Nоtrе Dаmе
Sunday 10am Bоurg d'Oіsаns - Vіllаrd Rеculаs
A 10th anniversary special on 12/06 at 8am - a 40km Trail
This is a convivial event that is renowned for its warm welcome and the friendly atmosphere in each village. The distance is 5.429km, with 1000m of ascent.

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From Saturday 8 to Sunday 9 June 2024 at 9 am.