Welcome to Villard-Reculas!

The charming resort of Villard-Reculas and the authentic, traditional village welcome you all year round, to the heart of the Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine and the very first partner resort, created in 1946.

In summer or winter, the family-friendly resort of Villard-Reculas, is the ideal destination to come and admire the scenery, the peace-and-quiet, for relaxation and wellness, leisure activities and skiing, the great outdoors, walking or white water activities, all in an absolutely spectacular natural environment.

How you spend your time in Villard-Reculas and in Oisans is entirely up to you, but you are guaranteed an enjoyable stay and unforgettable memories, whether you decide to go skiing or mountain biking. You can book activities online, enjoy direct access to the Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine, stay in top-quality accommodation ranging from an apartment to a big capacity luxury chalet, explore the natural and cultural heritage, with friends or family.

You’ll also find everything you need for your stay in Villard-Reculas in the village shops, including a grocery store, little supermarket, newsagent’s, delicatessan, equipment rental, restaurants, bars, and farm products.

The Villard-Reculas Tourist Office welcomes you all year round, to make sure your stay here is a roaring success. They will find the right accommodation for you, provide personalised information and advice, maps and brochures, wifi, book activities, and so much more.
During the winter or summer seasons, the Tourist Office also organises an extensive programme of events throughout the week, including cultural, sporting, enjoyable and fun events for the whole family.